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Friday, January 27, 2017

Custom 1/2" Round Shoulder Machined U-Bolts

Custom machined shoulder U-bolts in plain steel - engineered source is a supplier and distributor of custom round and square u bolts - serving orange county, los angeles, san diego, inland empire, california, continental USA, and mexico

This is a custom shoulder u-bolt we supplied to our construction customer at a quantity of 250 pieces with a lead time of 8 weeks.  Thy were manufactured domestically using plain steel material, using 1/2 bar stock.  The threaded sections however needed to be 3/8-16 at 1.3125 lengths on each leg.  The unthreaded shoulder portion measures .750 inches and the centered width between the legs is 2 inches.  Our internal part number for this part is SUB37061-A.

Specialty MS20426AD3-4 Solid Rivet In Anodized Aluminum Material

Specialty MS20426-AD3-4 solid rivet and related aerospace hardware - engineered source is a supplier of custom and specialty aerospace fasteners like this MS20426-AD3-4 solid rivet in anodized aluminum - covering Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego, Inland Empire, California, USA, and Mexico

We supply a large variety of milspec hardware to our aerospace and defense customer base and this is one of the solid rivets we supply on an annual blanket purchase order basis.  It is a domestically made MS20426AD3-4 solid rivet made using aluminum material finished with chemical film per MIL-DTL-5541F Type 1 Class 1A.