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Thursday, July 16, 2015

Custom Machined PVDF Pin To Print

Custom machined plastic pvdf fasteners, parts, and pins - santa ana, orange county, southern california

These special pins were individually machined to the customer's specific requirements and drawings using plastic material called PVDF.  This material is typically used for special applications requiring parts resistant to chemicals and heat, all while maintaining high levels of strength.  Since the pins are machined individually we can typically process even small quantity orders for this type of part.

Special 2/56 X 3/8 Socket Cap Screw in 18-8 Stainless Steel, Cadmium Plated

custom special socket head cap screws 18-8 stainless steel cad plated - santa ana, orange county, southern california

Engineered Source has supplied this part for many years on a blanket order basis - the part is a special to print socket cap screw measuring 2/56 X 3/8 and is manufactured in the United States using 18-8 stainless steel material.  Secondary service of cadmium plating with NADCAP certification is applied to finalize the cap screws for their end use.  Internal part number for this socket cap screw is SC-002006-ID.

Special 1/16 X 7/16 Coiled 302 Stainless Steel Spring Pin, DFAR Compliant

DFAR compliant military standard 1/16 by 7/16 coiled spring pin in stainless steel - santa ana, southern california

These US made spring pins are manufactured using 302 stainless steel and are available with full documentation to our customer.  They are passivated, DFAR compliant, and we get them cadmium plated (with NADCAP certification) prior to final shipment preparation.  A variety of alternative sizes and specifications are also sourced consistently.