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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Custom Hex Automotive Ball Studs - Zinc Yellow Finish


Custom Hex Automotive Ball Stud - Zinc Yellow Finish
We had 25,000 pieces of these custom automotive ball studs produced in 1215 steel material with heat treat hardening to 25-34 HRC and zinc yellow finish.  The across the flats dimension on this ball stud was set to measure .311 +/-.01".  Overall length measured .975" with the 1/4-28 thread taking up approximately .400".  We supply this ball stud on revolving annual blanket order basis with the initial production lead time at 4-5 months from order confirmation.

Custom Mild Steel Washers - Plain Finish


Custom Mild Steel Washers - Plain Finish
These custom mild steel washers were manufactured with plain finish to work on a T-bolt and nut assembly for an agricultural equipment application.  Medium steel material was used for additional strength and the inside diameter set to .406" +/-.015" to fit over 3/8-20 thread on the bolt.  The outside diameter was set to .815" +/- .015" and thickness set to .086"-.132".  Full certs were made available with the parts and.