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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Special "Shim" Washers In 302 Stainless Steel

special "shim" washer in 302 stainless steel - engineered source is a premier supplier and distributor of stainless steel special washers in santa ana, orange county, los angeles, inland empire, san diego, southern california

Engineered Source Inc supplies its customer base an almost endless variety of special washers, from 302 & 304 stainless steel material to Teflon and everything in between.  This specific "shim" washer is made using 302 stainless steel and has dimensions of 2.198 ID, 2.647 OD, .018 TH with tolerance of +/- .010 on the OD and ID and +/- .001 for the thickness.  Special washers, like most other special fastener parts we supply, are typically ordered on a blanket purchase order basis with scheduled or as-needed releases.