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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Custom Machined Nylon Pins - 1/2 Inch OAL

Custom Nylon Machined Pins - 1/2 Inch OAL

These are custom machined nylon pins we supply our industrial OEM customer.  They are manufactured overseas with a lead time of approximately 120 days from approved drawing/print.  Overall length is set at 1/2" and the OD drops from 5/16" on one side to 3/16" on the other narrow side.  The machined convex portion measures approximately 5/16 inches in length, leaving approximately 3/16 inches on the 5/16" OD section.  Plain acetal material was used without any dye.  Annual revolving blanket purchase orders are used with monthly releases - estimated annual usage is at 60,000 pcs.