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Friday, March 3, 2017

Custom Phil Flat Machine Screws To Print - 1/4-28 X 13/16 In Steel With Black Oxide Finish

Custom Phil Flat Machine Screws To Print - Steel With Black Oxide Finish

These custom phil flat machine screws are made domestically in the United States using low carbon steel material with black oxide finish and light oil.  We supply them on revolving 12 month blanket purchase orders with other custom hardware items the same customer purchases from us.  Initial lead time for custom machine screws like these is 5-6 weeks from order and drawing approval.

Custom Stainless Aerospace Pins - One Side Chamfered In Stainless Steel Material

custom stainless aerospace pins supplier and distributor - one side chamfered only

These are custom stainless aerospace pins we supply on a production to order basis.  Only one side is chamfered to the customer's requirements and the custom parts are run through passivation prior to shipment.  They measure .310 at the diameter and 3" +/.02 in length.  To the customer's specifications, these custom pins are manufactured in the United States and material certs are available upon request.

Custom Flat HDPE Washers - .625 X .250 X .030 In Polyethylene Material

Custom Flat HDPE Washers - Engineered Source is a supplier and distributor of custom and specialty HDPE flat washers

We supply a number of different custom flat HDPE washers like this .030 thick washer.  This specific .625 X .250 flat washer we supply to our long time customer on a blanket purchase order basis, with a 12 month initial term.  Lead time on a part like this is typically 4-6 weeks from order and drawing approval if applicable.