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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

NAS-1352C02-3P Socket Head Cap Screws In Cad Plated Alloy Steel

Specialty NAS1352C02-3P DFAR compliant 2-56 X .625 socket head cap screw cadmium plated alloy steel - engineered source is a supplier of special made NAS & milspec fastners/hardware - supplying continental USA & Mexico

This is one of the cadmium plated NAS parts we carry on an annual blanket purchase order basis for our customer.  This NAS1352C02-3P socket head cap screw is made domestically and is supplied with material certs and certificate of conformance.  Alloy material per FF-S-86 is used with cad plating in accordance with AMS-QQ-P-416, Type II, Class 2.