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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Custom Tin Cobalt Chrome Plated Screws - 8-19 X 1-1/4 Hi Lo Thread Forming Screws In 316 Stainless Steel

Custom Tin Cobalt Chrome Plated Hi Lo Thread Forming Screws - 8-19 X 1-1/4 In 316 Stainless Steel

We supply our customer base a diverse array of custom chrome, nickel, and zinc plated parts in both barrel and more expensive individual racked forms.  For those that require better corrosion resistance in the presence of chemicals in a RoHS compliant finish we provide custom tin cobalt chrome plated screws that are made using type 316 stainless steel, designated by a dot on the head of each screw.  The parts pictured here are 8-19 X 1-1/4 hi lo thread forming screws.  They are manufactured overseas and supplied to our long time customer on a revolving blanket purchase order basis.  The tin cobalt chrome plating is done in a barrel plate format for improved cost efficiency, while still producing a very attractive cosmetic finish.  Tin cobalt finish typically provides a slightly duller chrome finish than the traditional hexavalent chromium plating.  All the custom tin cobalt plated parts we supply are electroplated with a bright nickel under-plate for improved longevity and appearance.

1/2-13 X 5-7/8 Custom Round Galvanized U-bolts - With Expedited Service

These 1/2 diameter custom round galvanized u-bolts are one of three sizes we supply our customer in Raleigh NC.  They are made domestically using A307 steel material with a hot dip galvanized finish at 63 pieces.  Our customer was in urgent need and we were able to get these custom u-bolts produced in just 3 days together with the other two sizes.  The inside length measures 5-7/8 while the inside width was set at 3 inches for a pipe radius of 1-1/2 inches.  Two inches of 1/2-13 thread was incorporated on each leg.