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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Custom 420 Stainless Precision Machined Components


Custom 420 Stainless Precision Machined Component Manufacturers
These custom 420 stainless steel precision machined components were manufactured for our aerospace customer, with initial samples produced using 18-8 stainless steel for functional testing prior to full production.  Overall length was .804 +/- .005" and the flange outer diameter was set to .396" +/-.005".  Four drilled holes were incorporated at a diameter of .120" +/-.005".  Full certs with a FAIR were incorporated into the production order requirements per customer request.

Custom Hex Head Shoulder Wood Screws - Steel Zinc


Custom Hex Head Shoulder Wood Screw Manufacturers - Steel Zinc
These custom hex head shoulder wood screws were manufactured using mild carbon steel material with Zinc clear finish to our customers drawing.  The shoulder measures .180-.188" by .302-.322" in length, square to the rolled thread transition.  Thread length was set to .585-.645" and the hex head measured .244-.250" across the flats and .096-.115" in height.  Cold heading was used for the production process with turning down the threaded area prior to thread roll.