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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Custom Stainless Steel Shaft Collars - 1" Stackable Mounting Collars

custom stainless steel shaft collars - 1" stackable mounting collar
We supply a large number of different custom and standard off the shelf shaft collars to our long time customer base, primarily on revolving 12-month blanket purchase order basis.  These particular 1" custom stainless steel shaft collars however we supplied to our customer at just 4 pieces.  Custom made to his specifications in the USA, we were able to ship them at a relatively quick turnaround.  Depending on the material, dimensional requirements, and existing backlog the lead times can vary drastically for these parts.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Custom Machined Nylon Pins - 1/2 Inch OAL

Custom Nylon Machined Pins - 1/2 Inch OAL

These are custom machined nylon pins we supply our industrial OEM customer.  They are manufactured overseas with a lead time of approximately 120 days from approved drawing/print.  Overall length is set at 1/2" and the OD drops from 5/16" on one side to 3/16" on the other narrow side.  The machined convex portion measures approximately 5/16 inches in length, leaving approximately 3/16 inches on the 5/16" OD section.  Plain acetal material was used without any dye.  Annual revolving blanket purchase orders are used with monthly releases - estimated annual usage is at 60,000 pcs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Painted Wood Screws And Painted Countersunk Washers - #8 X 1-3/4" Phil Flat Wood Screws In Steel Zinc

Painted Wood Screws & Painted Countersunk Washers - #8 X 1-3/4" Phil Flat Wood Screws In Steel Zinc

This photo shows the painted wood screws and painted countersunk washers together with the paneling they are used on during the assembly process.  Our customer calls this color Pacifica Grey and we supply a number of other sizes for both the wood screw and the washer in this matching color.  All the parts are supplied on revolving annual blanket purchase order basis.  While this customer uses the countersunk washers with the flat head screws, others use a modified truss head screw for the same application.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Painted Self Drilling Screws

Painted Self Drilling Screws
Custom brown painted self drilling screws in 18-8 stainless steel material supplied to our long time customer at 10,000 pcs per release.  We typically stock these parts based on revolving 12 month blanket purchase order arrangements - pricing is locked in based on 100K pieces but parts are released on a monthly schedule based on our customer's seasonal need.  The sealant on the brown painted heads was set to flat sheen as our customer prefers to avoid glossier finishes.  Lead time for painted parts at these quantities is typically 3-4 weeks from the procurement of the plain version.

Custom Painted Sheet Metal Screws

Custom Painted Sheet Metal Screws

These custom painted sheet metal screws are just one example out of hundreds of different fasteners we supply our existing customer base with matching paint or sand blast finish to the mating assembly component.  Typically the customer provides us a sample of this mating component for color matching purposes and then we supply samples of screws with the matching formula.  The customer also often specifically instructs us to the sheen preferred - matte, flat, semi-glossy, etc.  Once the customer approves our provided matching samples we are off to the races to get the full volume painted.