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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Custom Steel T-Bolts With Zinc Clear Finish - 8-32 X 3/4

Custom T-Bolts In Steel Zinc - 8-32 X 3/4
These custom steel T-bolts were manufactured domestically using medium carbon steel material with zinc clear finish.  8-32 thread was incorporated at a length of 3/4" underneath the head.  The head height is set to .04", head width across the flats at .32", and the width across the rounded sides at .438" +/-.015" max.  Lead time for mass production of a similar part is typically 8-10 weeks from order confirmation.

Custom 17-7PH Springs - C Shaped Aerospace Spring Clips

Custom 17-7PH Springs - C Shaped Aerospace Spring Clips

We supply these tricky custom 17-7PH springs to our aerospace customer - unlike the other compression and extension 17-7PH springs we supply the same customer, these are C shaped with two .165" length oval openings. The material thickness was set to .020" and the outside diameter at .550-.555". The angle between the ends was the more challenging part, set at 130 +/-5 degrees. The oval openings incorporated a full radius on both sides and the width was limited to .062" max. A FAIR and material certs were provided with the parts.