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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Custom 4-40 X 3/8 Slotted Flat Machine Screws in Copper 110 Material

Custom/specialty 4-40 X 3/8 copper 110 slotted flat head machine screws - engineered source is a supplier and distributor of custom/specialty copper 110 slotted flat machine screws - covering Santa Ana, Orange County, Los Angeles, Inland Empire, San Diego, California, United States, and Mexico

This is another 4-40 slotted flat machine screw we supply our long time customer, typically in small batches of 50-100 pieces per order.  They are 3/8 in length and are manufactured in the United States using Copper 110 material.  Material certs are provided with each shipment and blanket purchase order arrangements are always doable.