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Saturday, September 19, 2015

3/8" Neoprene 70A Grade Strips at 2.5" X 3ft Each

3/8 neoprene rubber vibration strips, 70A grade, to order - engineered source is a supplier and distributor of special fasteners and related products - santa ana, orange county, los angeles, southern california

While Engineered Source is focused on being a supplier and distributor of special and standard fasteners, we are nevertheless extremely diverse in the related products offered to our customers.  These special 3/8" neoprene strips made to our customer's specific dimensional requirements are a perfect example.  Like most parts supplied by Engineered Source, items like this can be provided in a number of rubber material types and a seemingly endless variety of sizes and customization.

Engineered Source Inc
Supplier and Distributor of Fasteners & Related Products
Santa Ana - Orange County - Los Angeles - San Diego - Southern California

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