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Friday, August 10, 2018

Custom Aluminum Round Spacers - 4.3MM X 50MM X 9.3MM Made in the USA

Custom Aluminum Round Spacers - 4.3MM X 50MM X 9.3MM Made in the USA
We supply a large number of standard off the shelf electronics hardware but get really excited about the custom sizes for the more interesting applications.  Pictured here are one of the custom aluminum round spacers we supply a drone manufacturer, along with a smaller custom spacer and a hex standoff to be shown in our next few posts.  Made in the USA at approximately 5,000 pcs these aluminum standoffs measure 4.3MM X 50MM X 12.30MM (OD) with a tolerance of +/-.01MM.  Lead time for the initial release is typically at 6-10 weeks depending on the current work flow and seasonality.

Larger quantities of these custom aluminum round spacers would be best supplied on a 12 month blanket purchase order basis.  The Blanket Order concept allows the customer to access the large quantity cost savings without paying upfront for the entire large quantity order. Instead we take on the burden of carrying the bulk inventory and only release the parts as needed, or often on a pre-scheduled basis provided by the customer.

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