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Friday, March 8, 2019

Custom Painted Rivets - 1/8 Blind Rivets In Color Matched Green

Custom Painted Rivets - 1/8 Blind Rivets In Color Matched Green
Our customer requested us to match the color of the roofing material for these custom painted rivets.  The color is a shade of dark green and the customer specifically wanted us to paint both sides of the rivet - this is very unusual, with only the visible side typically painted since the blind side is never visible after the rivets are installed.  This dual application required 2 separate paint applications to accomplish the end result, with a strip process completed prior to paint to ensure there was no wax present on the surface.  Any wax present on the surface would result in flaking or peeling of the paint within days of the completed process.

Large quantities of these custom made parts would be best supplied on a 12 month blanket purchase order basis.  The Blanket Order concept allows the customer to access the large quantity cost savings without paying upfront for the entire large quantity order. Instead we take on the burden of carrying the bulk inventory and only release the parts as needed, or often on a pre-scheduled basis provided by the customer.

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