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Monday, November 18, 2019

Custom Large Anchor Bolts - F1554 Grade 36 Material, Galvanized

Custom Large Anchor Bolts - F1554 Grade 36 Material, Galvanized

These custom large anchor bolts were manufactured domestically using F1554 grade 36 material for the threaded anchors, F436 material for the washers, and A563 material for the nuts.  All parts were 2" in diameter with coarse thread, with galvanized finish.  The large anchor bolts measured 6 feet in overal length and each was provided with 5 heavy hex nuts and 3 washers.  Production was done with an expedited rush option to be completed within 7 business days.  Material certs were provided with the parts.

Large quantities of these custom made large threaded anchor bolts would be best supplied on a 12 month blanket purchase order basis.  The Blanket Order concept allows the customer to access the large quantity cost savings without paying upfront for the entire large quantity order. Instead we take on the burden of carrying the bulk inventory and only release the parts as needed, or often on a pre-scheduled basis provided by the customer.

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