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Thursday, August 13, 2020

Custom Automotive Ball Studs - 1215 Steel, Zinc Yellow

Custom Automotive Ball Studs - 1215 Steel, Zinc Yellow
 We had 20,000 pieces of these custom automotive ball studs produced in 1215 steel material with heat treat hardening to 25-34 HRC and zinc yellow finish.  The across the flats dimension on this ball stad was relatively large compared with the .25" ball diameter, measuring .437 +/-.01".  Overall length measured .950" with the 1/4-28 thread taking up approximately .423".  

First article samples were provided prior to the full production run and the full volume was provided with material certs, certificate of conformance, dimensional inspection report, and heat treat cert.  The 20,000 pieces were spread out over a 12 month period with a blanket purchase order, with set quarterly releases.  This allowed our customer to lock in a great per piece price and spread out the cost over a full year.

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