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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Custom Low Head Slotted Machine Screws - 8-32 X .375" In 12L14 Steel

Custom Low Head Slotted Machine Screws - 8-32 X .375" In 12L14 Steel
These custom low head slotted machine screws were manufactured domestically using 12L14 steel material and then run through a commercial black oxide process.  Length under the head was set at .375" +/-.03", fully threaded with 8-32 thread pitch.  The head height was set at .055", diameter at .265", slot width at .05", and slot depth at .042".  Our internal part number for this item is MSF-0806-AF and while lead time varies quite a bit depending on production volume required, we typically budget 6-8 weeks from order confirmation.

Large quantities of these custom low head machine screws would be best supplied on a 12 month blanket purchase order basis.  The Blanket Order concept allows the customer to access the large quantity cost savings without paying upfront for the entire large quantity order. Instead we take on the burden of carrying the bulk inventory and only release the parts as needed, or often on a pre-scheduled basis provided by the customer.

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